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  • Taktowanie 2,40 GHz
  • Gniazdo AM2+
  • Cache 2 MB
  • Technologia 65nm
  • Gwarancja 36 miesięcy
  • Głośność Głośne jak chol..., po prostu głośne

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08.07.2015 14:02:12 ~pnFUITdsp

Reading this makes my deionicss easier than taking candy from a baby.

10.07.2015 01:09:21 ~xBg2Kq9i8GcP

Please! This is an example of one of the pro-technology <a href="">aretmgnus</a> that gets my goat. Again, the idea is peddled that if a teacher is not using technology, they are not worth their salt. That ain't necessarily so.The difference between a cardiologist and a teacher is that medicine is an evidence-based profession underpinned by heavy ethical scrutiny. I would agree with Tom if it could be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that his central assertion good teachers MUST use technology- were correct. In fact, if we look at most of the responses here -and elsewhere- we find that most of us are quite happy to put words in the mouths of our teachers. Craig Nansen's response is based around the difference in his school's approach when they moved from just surmising to looking at the hard evidence. Tom's original post suggests that the teachers are failing; Craig's research indicates that it is more likely that the institutions are failing the teachers.The argument that funding should no longer be an issue is revealed for what it is by the inclusion of that modal verb five words into the sentence. What should happen is not always what does happen and when money is concerned, this can pretty much be taken as a general rule. I have yet to work in an institution that has decided to redirect its money away from profit to investment in providing a 21st century workplace. Perhaps I can't pick my employers?And time if I have understood Tom's implication, teachers should take on more than they get paid to because this is what professionalism means. Now, to some extent I agree, although I might quibble, once again, with the inclusion of the modal. But I'd like to point out that the average salary for a lawyer in the UK is a370K; the average salary for a doctor in the UK is a338K; the average salary for an accountant in the UK is a335K; the average salary for a teacher -NB not an EFL teacher- in the UK is a329K; of course, the average salary for an EFL teacher in the UK is a322K. To put that into perspective, if you put the words fast food into the same tool that I am using to check these average salaries, it returns a324K. Now, I'm a bit more reluctant to tell teachers that they should or that they must give up their already unpaid free time to teach themselves about a tool that they may fear or have doubts about. Because they are professional. I suspect that their response may be considerably unprofessional.I am also concerned with the way that Tom, a Professor in Education, appears to have blurred the boundaries between knowledge and information. He writes of how knowledge grows hourly and doubles every six months or so. It seems to me that he is referring to information. It also seems to me that he appears to be implying that the presence of information leads to the presence of knowledge. This is so at odds with what all of us know about education that I cannot believe that Tom would stand by this assertion. It may be that he has not considered this distinction before in this context; it may be that he was writing in a less-considered manner than usual; or, of course, it may be that I have radically misunderstood the point he was making.If this is the case, then I apologise in advance!Of greatest concern is the unquestioning response that such flawed <a href="">aretmgnus</a> find in the world of education. We who should be experts in the area of critical thought accept them unquestioningly more often than not because they meet our fundamental criteria: I agree because this is how I feel. This is more damning for education than the absence of technology in a teacher's daily practice. I like technology. I use technology. But I am critical about technology and I am a long way from ever telling a colleague that unless they are using technology, they are a failing teacher. On the other hand, I am more than happy to stick my neck out and suggest that a teacher who fails to approach the world from a critical perspective needs to look long and hard at themself and ask themself on what grounds do they lay claim to the title of educator?

11.07.2015 20:40:05 ~XgG1ADd6d

I agree with you both that it made me uncomfortable first, but now I find it a great way to check out what is going on in the glaobl world of education. I also like the river analogy, sometimes I have the time, a lot of the time I don't, but it is great to have the option. And absolutely every time I go into twitter (whether it is for 5 minutes or an hour) I learn something new. So that in itself is great. I still don't quite understand the hashtags, but I will get there. I think Twitter does take a little longer to figure out than other social networking sites, but the benefits are worth it. Great post!e1ine [url=]xzwiecu[/url] [link=]oqwpmzfjm[/link]

14.07.2015 09:40:37 ~8FsnXRSvcZ

You've written a<a href=""> wuonerfdl</a> post so full of ideas, tips and strategies to get going. Twitter is hard and makes you feel uncomfortable. Then once you get your feet on firm ground, you fall in love with it. I think your tips will help people find firm ground faster .so thank you for all the time it took to create this post. It's one that I'm sure to refer to often and recommend to other people.

25.04.2016 10:06:03 ~WCoFwrPJKg

Your cranium must be prtotceing some very valuable brains.

25.04.2016 19:53:08 ~hdhd6LcqGjz8

I have over 30 videos on this site and they going after them becuase of the Music i have on them, I put the Band and solo singer who performs each song at the end and there saying that copy right <a href="">ineefngimrnt</a> thats bullshit, I&#39;ve had an account on here for two damn year and they start going and attcking them now thats not right it bullshit.

26.04.2016 16:17:26 ~VTOcF0Bt

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27.04.2016 03:10:49 ~2XHP2DzI

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27.04.2016 10:32:13 ~BV0nv15InJP

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25.07.2016 12:01:45 ~YQm5dBdfix

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