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  • Pojemność pamięci 2x 2GB
  • Częstotliwość szyny pamięci 1066 MHz
  • Gwarancja Wieczysta

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Kod Producenta KVR1066D3N7K2/4G


08.07.2015 07:05:29 ~cf0KY0M26r

Hi all,I just came back today from a really good Professional Development day. As well as Ayanna, I had the oprttpunioy to carpool with three ESOL colleagues that I don’t get to see very much. Indeed, sometimes conferences and workshops can be very expensive. On our way to the workshop, we exchange ideas, strategies, websites, and talked about school issues, challenges, parents and students. The hour and a half that we rode was very fruitful. I also have PLC’s at my school that supports our need to learn and grow professionally, but I feel a little isolated if I don’t meet with my ESOL colleagues to talk about what is important to us and our ELL’s.What are auditing courses?

08.07.2015 10:42:26 ~Nl9L822EL

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12.07.2015 01:39:50 ~xYe9sHnSfE

I have the self checkout set up a <a href="">litlte</a> different. I keep all the library cards in binders by class ( they are in the trading card sheets you can get at the dollar store) The students are taught to find their card, scan it in, check out the book, CLEAR. The clear is important and I have a large poster documenting the process (with pics) as well as a smaller direction sheet laminated to the desk. They are also shown how to do this at the beginning of every year. I do not have to separate computers for this. I just turn the monitor (flat screen) around and move the scanner and keyboard to the other side of the desk for them. So basically 2 setups, one when I am available to do the checking in etc and one when I am floating the library and they are checking out their own.Goals with this current setup would be (each student having their own card to carry, although we suffered many losses of cards with this originally) I am now sort of aiming for some sort of key chain library barcode scheme but I don't know if this will ever actually happen. Bookmark library card perhaps? It was suggested to have it in the agendas, however they don't generally carry those around all day.Oh forgot to mention the screensaver also has a tutorial on checking out books, so when they approach the computer they see the directions as well.The grade K-1 s generally need help with the self serve checkout, grade 2 s and up excel at it and they are always willing to help each other and they enjoy saying CLEAR to the person holding up the line Hope this helps.

25.04.2016 09:49:26 ~e1J4RxosviPD

What a plaseure to meet someone who thinks so clearly

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